For any non-emergency eye concerns, we are now scheduling Telehealth consultations.

*This does not replace your normal retinal exam.  We can offer this in the meantime to check-in regarding your condition.  Confidentiality is the same.  This telemedicine visit will still be billed as a regular examination.



Q. Is my eye problem something the doctor can handle online?

A. It depends. Our team will discuss the nature of your eye or vision problem with you. If the doctor believes your case is an emergency requiring an in-person visit or a referral, that will be arranged.


Q. What sorts of conditions are best for telehealth visits?

A. If the problem is one that can be diagnosed through an external visual examination of the eye, then a remote telehealth visit is a great option. Our team will consult with you and advise you whether or not a telehealth visit is right for you.


Q. How much does a telehealth visit?

A. If the doctor decides that a telehealth visit is appropriate, the appointment will be billed as usual. You should be able to submit the charges to your insurance company for reimbursement subject to your normal requirements for co-pays and deductibles.


Q. What do I need to download for Webex?

A. Click this google form link and select which device you will be calling from. It will give you specific instructions for downloading on your device. Once you have downloaded Webex you should click "join meeting" in the original email sent with the meeting invitation.